Aerial Installations FAQs

Here are a few questions we often get asked about aerials...

Do I need a TV aerial if I have a smart TV? 

Yes, a smart TV enables you to stream programmes over the internet through apps such as Netflix, Prime and  Iplayer, but if you want to watch live TV on the BBC, ITV etc then you will need an aerial or a satellite dish. 

What type of aerial do I need? 

We carry a range of aerials to meet different needs. Small and discreet aerials and larger more powerful aerials. Our engineers can offer free advice to help you make a decision. 

How will I know if I live in a poor reception area? 

Our engineers will carry out a signal check using a digital signal meter. 

Do aerials need to be fitted outside or can I have them fitted in the loft? 

Yes, you can have it fitted in the loft as long as the signal is strong enough. We would always advise having it fitted outside if you live in a poor reception area. 

My TV pictures keep breaking up, so I need a new TV aerial? 

Not necessarily. Let us take a look. We are experts in solving reception problems/pixelation. If your TV pictures are breaking up into little blocks (pixelating) then we can help. 

How much does a new aerial installation cost? 

Our aerial installations start from £145+vat including all parts and labour. That is for an entire installation including aerial, bracket, mast, cable and all fixings. 

What is the lifespan of an aerial? 

Some of our customers have used the same aerial for 50+ years, so if installed correctly by a competent professional they really do provide excellent value for money. 

How many TVs can I run off one aerial? 

As many as you like. Hotels run hundreds of TVs off just one aerial. There is no need for multiple aerials on one property. 

Is there a question we have not answered? 

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