How to choose the right satellite dish

Knowing how to find the right satellite dish so that you can watch all of your favourite television channels from the comfort of your own home is getting increasingly challenging, especially with so many various types currently available. The channels you may watch and the quality in which they appear, whether standard or high definition, will be greatly influenced by the satellite dish you choose.

So how do I choose the right satellite dish?


Most customers in the Midlands need a mini dish, they are grey/black, oval in shape and around 45cm in size. For international satellites, the dishes vary in size. 

Fixed or Movable 

Aside from size, you must decide whether you want a fixed or moveable satellite dish. Whether you want a satellite dish for your home or for a vehicle, such as an RV, will determine this. Satellite dishes that are permanently installed on your property usually provide far better singles. This is due to the fact that they do not move in conjunction with the broadcasting towers. Not only that, but most transportable satellite dishes are substantially smaller.

Get Professional Help

We will assist you with making sure you have the right type of dish to suit your satellite receiving needs. We will also ensure you have the right accessories installed to receive the television service you use. For example Sky Q uses a different LNB to standard Sky/Freesat. 

Our technicians have installed many satellite dishes across Redditch, Bromsgrove, Alcester and Solihull. You can browse through our work by visiting our gallery page. You can also read through great the reviews left by our customers by simply heading over to our reviews page

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