Types of CCTV Cameras

Over the years, CCTVs have come a long way, with many different types of options to choose from, there is a CCTV system available for all industries. When looking to get the right system for you, it can often be difficult to choose the right one for your property, if you would like our engineers to help you make the right decision, call our team on 0152760569.

There are many different types of CCTV systems available, these include...

Wired CCTV Cameras

A wired CCTV camera includes a wire which is linked directly from the camera to the monitor, making this the most popular and inexpensive sort of camera. The disadvantage is that it could be difficult to install with the amount of wiring involved. 

Wireless CCTV Cameras

In this type of setup, the camera transfers photos via analogue or digital technology to your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Many smart security cameras are connected to an app that allows you to keep an eye on your property while you're away. The quality of digital cameras is often better, but they are also more expensive.

IP CCTV System

These are cameras that broadcast photos to your computer's router over your network or internet portal (IP), allowing you to see the footage from anywhere in the world.

Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet CCTV cameras have a distinctive, very noticeable design. They have a cylindrical form and have the ability to view longer distances. Bullet cameras are most typically used outside, thus their casings are water, dust, and dirt resistant.

Dome CCTV Cameras

These types of cameras are discreet and because of their dome-shaped casing, it can be difficult to see which direction the camera is pointing towards, making it perfect to detect any thieves or vandals who are approaching from various directions.

C-Mount CCTV Cameras

C-Mount CCTV cameras are an excellent choice for individuals who want to alter the field of vision. They come with detachable lenses that can be rotated to monitor different distances. C-Mount cameras, like bullet cameras, are often large and serve as a visible deterrent to criminal activities.

Day and Night CCTV Cameras

These cameras are designed to work successfully regardless of how lit their surroundings are. They will record excellent video images that will not be distorted by the changing light conditions during the day and at night. This is made possible by their ultra-sensitive imaging chips and the greatest advantage of this is that they record videos in both black and white and colour!

High Definition (HD) CCTV Cameras

These types of cameras provide an outstanding picture quality and high-definition photos. They can produce resolutions ranging from 720p to 4K, depending on your budget. As a result, there's no risk of any recordings becoming grainy or distorted.

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