Can I Install A Satellite Dish In The Loft?

Is It Possible To Install A Satellite Dish In A Loft? 

 In a nutshell, I'm afraid the answer is no. A satellite dish can be installed in a loft, but it will not function. This is because the satellite dish's frequencies are too high to pass through your roof tiles and require a line of sight. This means that to receive a viable signal, the satellite dish must be mounted outside.

Why are satellite cables left in the loft by home builders? 

In order for an aerial installer to join while placing an aerial in the loft, the fitter, generally an electrician, runs the coax cable for the aerial points to one area in the attic during the process of installing the cable for the home.

It makes sense to run the satellite cables there as well, as all of the TV point wires will be in one location. When the satellite wires are installed, the electrician will not know where the freesat or sky dish will be installed. As a result, the optimal site for them to be run is in a central, easily accessible position. The loft is the obvious location for this.

Other Ways to Hide Your Satellite Dish 

One of the reasons we are frequently asked if a satellite dish may be installed in a loft is for aesthetic reasons. Some individuals despise the appearance of a satellite dish or an antenna in their homes. They'd prefer it to be entirely hidden, including the cords. There are options available to hide your satellite dish, this includes:

-Place the dish on the chimney.

-Place on a garden pole. 

 -Paint the dish 

 -Use a satellite dish that does not appear to be one, like a Squish Dish, for example.

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